Ontario Housing Market as of July 2023

Plummeting Ontario home prices, in the wake of two Bank of Canada rate hikes in June and July 2023, have caused the average Ontario home price to fall to a new low for the year. 

The GTA is slightly outperforming other areas of the province, even as climbing mortgage rates continue to spook already weary homebuyers in one of the most expensive markets to buy a home in Canada. For those looking to buy a house in Toronto, you'll need a minimum income of more than $213,000 to afford an average home, based on the City of Toronto’s average home price of $1,066,184 for July 2023. You’ll also need to cough up at least $213,000 as a down payment.

The Greater Toronto Area (GTA) housing market, which accounted for 13% of all home sales in Canada for the month of July 2023, saw prices fall 5% compared to last month, slightly less than the 6% fall in the provincial average price. Similarly, the GTA’s annual price gain stood at 4%, beating out the provincial average’s annual...


Explore the City of Burlington (More Bang for the Buck)

Burlington, a picturesque city nestled along the shores of Lake Ontario, has become a beloved destination for families seeking a peaceful and family-oriented community. Average home prices are less than in Oakville and Toronto. This is one of the reasons why Burlington has captured the hearts of so many families, highlighting its vibrant community, exceptional education opportunities, natural beauty, family-centric amenities, and convenient location. Here are some reasons why we love Burlington.

1. Welcoming Community and Vibrant Atmosphere:

Burlington boasts a warm and welcoming community spirit that resonates with families. The city hosts numerous festivals, events, and neighborhood gatherings, providing opportunities for families to connect and create lasting memories. From community-wide celebrations to local communities, Burlington offers a vibrant atmosphere that fosters a sense of belonging.

2. Excellent Education Opportunities:

Education is a top priority for families, and Burlington...


Celebrating 15 Years as a Centurion Winner At Century 21 Miller Real Estate!

It has been a tremendous 15 years at Century 21 Miller Real Estate!

Thank you for recognizing my continued success and dedication to my clients for the past 15 years of service at Century 21 Miller Real Estate.

Being awarded as a 2022 Centurion Winner is such an accomplishment. Thank you valued clients for continuing to choose Sue Heddle Homes as your trusted agent!

Working With a Trusted Real Estate Agent

Thinking of buying a home? With 15 years of experience, Sue Heddle Homes has what it takes to help you find your ideal home and location. From sharing key information about specific areas to knowing how to negotiate the best price, Sue is the only experienced realtor you need. If you’re thinking of starting your home search, give us a call at 416-906-7998 and let’s talk.


Sue Heddle Homes Market Watch: Rebound On The Horizon

According to the latest Toronto Regional Real Estate Board (TRREB) annual forecast the Ontario housing market is making a comeback! 

A rebound is expected by the latter half of 2023, with an increase in home prices and sales after months of declines. 

What does this mean for potential buyers and sellers?

The following are the key takeaways of what to expect going forward:

1. The average home price for the year is expected to reach $1,140,000, which is higher than January's average price of $1,038,668 ( albeit still 4% lower than last year's average).

2. The board forecasts 70,000 sales this year. Still 7% fewer than last year, however, all indicators are predicting it will stabilize and will continue to increase into next year.

3. TRREB cites an Ipsos poll showing that more would-be buyers are considering buying a property this year than last year, and a slightly higher percentage of homeowners planning to put their homes up for sale.

4. Even though TRREB expects activity to remain...


Selling a Hoarder’s Home

Hoarding is a very serious disorder and can have long-term ramifications to the hoarder and to those wanting to help declutter the home for resale. Approximately 2% to 6 % percent of the population have a hoarding-type disorder according to the International Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Foundation. People with a hoarding disorder will hold on to objects and animals regardless of their sentimental or financial value. 

Selling a hoarder's home can be extremely challenging for the hoarder and their loved ones.  

Sue Heddle homes can help. We have the experience and can create a plan of action, taking into consideration feelings, preferences for decluttering, cleaning, and staging.

The following Sue Heddle Homes steps can help with the process:

  1. Have different storage areas/ bins prepared in advance for Items to:  "keep," "dispose of”, "recycle," or "charity." This will save a lot of stress!

  1. Clear hallways and walkways first: before tackling each room, clear hallways,...

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