As 2022 comes to a close, many Canadians are wondering what outlook for managing personal finances, mortgages, and tax planning is in store for 2023.

According to sources from the Desjardins Financial Group, the following considerations should be top of mind for homeowners and home buyers when planning for 2023.

Learn to Navigate A turbulent Market

2023 is expected to be turbulent due to dragging inflation and the correlating negative impact to buying power, declining investment value from continued market volatility, and higher borrowing costs due to higher interest rates. 

To manage this, it is recommended to review and establish your budget before any big decisions such as taking out or renewing a mortgage. Factor in much higher borrowing costs and consult a financial advisor to determine the best options for your budget, such as whether to choose a fixed or variable rate and the term of your loan. 

See the below table to illustrate the impact of higher borrowing costs on a...

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Consider Hockey Cares this Giving Tuesday.

We did it! We had a successful 2022 exchange in Attawapiskat with Hockey Cares - a project of True North Aid! Without the generous support of donors, this event would not be possible.

As the founder of Hockey Cares since 2017, this exchange is particularly dear to my heart. Hockey Cares continues to be committed to reconciliation and connecting indigenous and non -indigenous youth through the love of hockey. By continuing to play together, we learn from each other!

Please take a moment to look at all the amazing memories made during this exchange through below pictures and video and recent news coverage. We are looking forward to making Hockey Cares a national project by 2024.

We need your support to make this a national reconciliation project. Please donate now.

Thank you again for your support.

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The current real estate market could be described as a “Buyer’s Market”, due in large part to high-interest rates and inflation tempering home prices considerably from the 2021 peak.

However, purchasing a home is no easy endeavor and will be the most significant investment a buyer will ever make in their life. The main factors for buyers that will NEVER change will be Affordability, Where, and How to make the dream a reality.  

The right time to buy a home depends on the right time for the buyer. Sue Heddle Homes is here to help buyers find the best route to achieve home ownership, whether it is for the first time or for the 7th! Let Sue be your guide through the home-buying process. 

Home Buying Q&A

Question: Is there a right/wrong time to buy a property?

Answer:Yes and No! It all depends on personal milestones.

Some buyers are sick of renting and want to build home equity vs giving it to a landlord, others have saved until they have an appropriate...

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The current direction of The Bank of Canada (BoC) to continually raise interest rates to curb record-high inflation has caused a lot of anxiety across Canada as to how to manage not just day-to-day expenses but the cost of home ownership.

Is there a silver lining within this “interest rate storm?”

Even though interest rates are high, this also means that property prices are and continue to be moving lower than peak levels from a year ago. This translates into a great opportunity for Canadians who were priced out during the peak period.

To take advantage of this, the following information for would-be-buyers is key to think about before buying:

1. Secure the rate insurance of a pre-approval. This can save a potential homeowner the heartache of not having one. Securing a mortgage that fits your budget is critical to saving interest costs over a mortgage life span.

2. Remember, choosing a lengthy fixed-rate mortgage to secure a consistent payment schedule over the long term is ultimately...
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Feature Home: 3170 20th Side Road, Campbellville, Milton

A Cinderella transformation has made a simple Milton country home into a Modern Scandinavian Farmhouse oasis with every modern convenience and detail incorporated.




Starting with the completely new exterior from top to bottom. A gorgeous new metal roof, combined with durable Hardie board siding and stunning Bavarian style “tilt n turn” windows really show off the true craftsmanship of this renovation. 

Attached to this beautiful home, is a car enthusiast's dream garage with over 800 sq feet to work in, including an electric car charger. To ensure that homeowners never go without power, a Kohler Generator allows up to 10 days of off-the-grid living at a time!

In addition, a stunning 6-poster veranda-style front porch, connects to a long winding asphalt driveway with poured concrete and flagstone walkway, wrapping around the house inviting you right up to the impressive...

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