Three Ways to Improve Your Home in 2022

Three Ways to Improve Your Home in 2022

The start of every new year typically gets people thinking about goals and plans for the upcoming 12 months. While there are many areas you can focus your efforts, don’t forget that you can apply these same ideas to your home! 

Whether you’ve just moved into a new home in Oakville or have been living in the same place for decades, make this the year you dedicate some time to making your home the best it can be. 

How To Help Your Home This New Year 

When talking about home improvements, most assume it means renovations or perhaps a home décorupgrade. While those may be part of your plans, there are many other ways to improve the safe and functionality of your home without any major overhaul plans. In fact, investing time and effort into the ideas listed below will keep your home in good condition and help you retain your home’s value.

Take a look at a few ways to improve your home in 2022:

1 - Pay attention to your home’s exterior.

If you’ve set aside money to invest in your home, it should first be spent on your home’s exterior. If you have problems with the roof, the foundation, windows and doors or the insulation, it will only be a matter of time before those issues start to cause major problems. Take a proactive approach and address concerns as soon as they are known.

2 - Clear out clutter.

From boxes that haven’t been unpacked in years to items no one uses anymore, clutter takes up space that could otherwise be used for a better purpose.  Clutter makes it harder to create a relaxing home environment, and also makes it harder to see potential issues in your home, particularly in basements or garages. Make a strategy and then make this the year you tackle all the unwanted and unneeded things in your home.

3 - Go green

Think about what you can do in your home to reduce your carbon footprint. Are you consistent about turning off lights when you leave the room or keeping your heating and cooling systems at reasonable temperatures? This year, make it a priority to switch out your lights for LED bulbs, learn more about low-flow plumbing options and using solar power. 

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