Landscaping and Outdoor Trends for Homes in 2022

Landscaping and Outdoor Trends for Homes in 2022

The last two years have changed the way people view and use their homes. As such, it should come as no surprise that the trends unfolding for 2022 in the landscaping space focus on pampering ourselves at home. The second dominate trend is bolstered by our increasing interest to preserve our planet by making simple changes on our own properties to support the environment.

Regardless of what your own backyard goals are for 2022, it’s fun to learn about the trends that are shaping decisions, and think about possibly incorporating them into your own space. While some are more unique and aesthetic, you may also get ideas on how to add convenience and practicality to your backyard too. 

4 Trends to Consider Adding to Your Backyard Space

From improving the plants and flowers you have in your backyard to incorporating additional living space for your family to enjoy, read more about the trends influencing backyards in 2022.

1. Edible gardens.

With the rising cost of food and a growing interest in farm-to-table eating, growing your own food is bigger than ever. In addition to getting fresh fruits and veggies, you get a chance to 

teach your kids about sustainability, make less trips to the grocery store, and customize your garden to grow the produce you like best. Plants in raised beds are the top choice for incorporating this trend into your outdoor space.

2. Flowers and plants that offer rich colours and jewel tones.

This is the year to choose bold, vibrant colours in jewel tones to add positive energy to your backyard landscaping. Red, orange, magenta, lime, and deep purple are expected to be big in 2022. Ask your local nursery about crocosmia, salvia, allium, freesias, and cannas – all great options for adding bold colour.

3. Dahlias.

Colours are key but if you’re looking for the top option in 2022, dahlias are it. With more than 100 varieties, these flowers are robust and easy to care for. They look good in planters as well as in your backyard garden. They also bloom for a long time and make great cut flowers, allowing you to enjoy them throughout your home.

4. Creating an outside room.

Since most of us have spent more time at home in the last two years than anywhere else, homeowners will continue to improve their outdoor space in 2022. Adding an outdoor kitchen, fireplace, or pergola helps create the feeling of an additional room. Strategically planted shrubs and plants can add privacy, and strings of lights add the ambiance. Outdoor rooms designed for gathering promote the connection and socialization we’ve all missed so much.

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