How COVID-19 Has Changed What People Want In A Home

Oakville real estate agents deal with a wide variety of housing needs. From clients looking for a home to renovate, to those wanting a central location that supports an easy commute, there are plenty of different reasons that drive someone to want to buy or sell a home.

However, with people being at home more than ever before, what home owners want in a home is changing. COVID-19 means that people are working from home, working out at home, teaching their children at home, cooking and baking more, and relying on their outdoor space to provide a change of scenery.

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5 New Priorities For Home Owners 

It’s common for the real estate market to experience a shift based on changes happening around the world. If you’re thinking of renovating, selling or are hoping to buy a new home soon, take a look at the priorities coming to the forefront.

1. A washroom at the front of the house. People want to come home and quickly be able to wash their hands after being out. Additionally, being able to have someone use the washroom at the front of your home, without having to go too far inside your space will be a feature people are interested in.

2. Flexible spaces. The pandemic has required home spaces to be much more flexible. Your dining room table may now be your work space, your family video call space, and a school space for your children. Having a space that is easily modified, with clean lines and lots of storage will be considered essential.

3. A dedicated home office. If possible, finding space in your homefor a home office will be a key feature. Having the ability to create a video call back drop that is professional will be very desirable.

4. An interest in having more cleanable surfaces, which means no wall-to-wall carpet. There will be high demand for stainless steel surfaces and materials that provide a clean and sleek look. 

5. A more separated floor plan. This global pandemic may do away with the popularity of an open concept layout as home owners move towards wanting to go back to compartmentalized spaces. With so much time spend at home, the benefits of having separate spaces to go has become very appealing.

Find The Right Home With Sue Heddle Homes

ith more than a decade of proven experience, Sue Heddle Homesknows how to help you find the right home to fit your needs, even as the world continues to change and adapt to our current realities. If you are thinking of selling your home or are looking to buy a home, trust Sue Heddle Homes to help you get the most out of your real estate transaction. If you have any questions about the current market, please reach out to us by calling 416-906-7998.


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