5 Signs it's Time to Move to a Bigger House

5 Signs it's Time to Move to a Bigger House

Whether you chose a newer home or a home in a more matureneighbourhood, when you bought your current home, you did so based on it having features you love and enough space inside and out to accommodate your family and your lifestyle. However, over time, things change.

Undoubtedly, there will most likely come a time when you start to feel like moving to a bigger home in Oakville or Halton is the next logical step. If you’re still not sure and want more information before you take the leap, Sue Heddle Homes is sharing five signs that it’s time to buy a bigger house.

1. A Growing Family.

New baby on the way? Whether it’s the need for a nursery or you have aging parents or other family members moving into your home, adding more people generally means you’ll need more space. When there are more people in a home, you’ll need space for more stuff and you’ll certainly notice a bigger demand on bathroom space. Expanding families are one of the most popular reasons to move to a bigger home.

2. Desire To Change Neighbourhoods Or Schools.

If you bought your first home in Oakville, Milton or Burlington you may not have been familiar with all the neighbourhoods, but wanted to get into the market so you bought a home that worked with your budget. Now that you know more about your community, it’s time to upgrade your living by choosing a neighbourhood or community that better suits your lifestyle, preferences, and needs. If you have kids about to start school, now can be a great time to upgrade and get into the school zone you want. 

3. Increased Income.

More money in the bank is another great reason to invest in a bigger house. Whether you’re after a larger yard with a pool or more living space for your family, increased income will allow you to be a little more selective about the home you buy. Take the time to consider what you wish were different about your existing home, and make a list of priorities. Working with a professional Oakville real estate agent can really help you create a wish list that will ensure you find a larger home that meets all your needs.

4. Your Current Home No Longer Supports Your Lifestyle.

From hobbies that need more space, to starting a business to welcoming visiting friends and family on a regular basis, if your happiness at home is limited due to your house being too small, it might be time to do something about it. 

5. Is Renovating Really The Best Option?

If you’ve already been thinking about renovation, you really have become aware that your current house may no longer be working for you. Depending on the condition and layout of your current home, undertaking a renovation to create more space can actually be more costly than selling and moving to a larger existing house. In addition, when it comes to a renovation, you also have to think about either living in a construction zone or finding temporary accommodation while the work in being done. Doesn’t sound like something you want to deal with? You efforts may be better used going real estate shopping instead.

Buy A Home In Oakville With Sue Heddle Homes

Sue Heddle Homes knows how important the purchase of a new home is. With more than a decade of experience as a top Oakville realtor, working with Sue means that you’ll get expert advice and knowledge that can make all the difference when it comes to finding your next dream home. And when you find your next home? Sue Heddle Homes can also help you sell your current property quickly as all listings get free home staging and are marketed using effective online tools. Ready to start touring new homes and attending open houses? Create your new home wish list and then contact Sue Heddle Homes at 416-906-7998 to get started.


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