How to Pick the Right Neighbourhood When Buying a Home

How to Pick the Right Neighbourhood When Buying a Home

There are so many things to consider when searching for a new home, including finding the best Oakville realtor who will listen to your needs and help you make the right purchase for you and your family. However, how do you know what type of neighbourhood you’re looking for without doing a bit of research first?

When you're trying to find the best places to live, choosing a neighbourhood ranks right up there with making sure you get the number of bedrooms you need or whether or not you need to have an attached garage. The size and layout of the house will certainly add to your family’s enjoyment of living in a new space, but the specific neighbourhood will also directly impact a potential buyer’s decision to make an offer or not.

4 Tips to Help You Choose Your Ideal Neighbourhood

When you’re looking to make a home purchase, keep in mind that you're not just buying a house, you're investing in a neighborhood too. As such, be sure to take some time to learn more about specific areas you might be considering to help you learn more about the pros and cons of each one. To help you get started, keep reading for some helpful tips.

1. Narrow down your most important features.

What makes a neighbourhood ideal in your mind? Remember that you need to think about your own preferences but also about all the members of your family. Do you prefer a quiet street or a more active area? Does an older neighbourhood appeal to you or do you want a newer development?How important is it to have a park or green space nearby? Do you need easy access to public transportation? Do you want to be able to walk to a café or restaurant?

2. Spend time in the areas you’re considering.

It’s important to both drive and walk around the neighbourhoods you’re considering, ideally at different times of day. You can get a sense of the condition of the houses and the yards, how friendly people seem to be and what the typical traffic might be like during busy rush hours and on weekends.

3. Learn about local schools.

The sign of a good neighbourhood is a well-kept school. If you have children, looking at the neighbourhood school is probably one of the first considerations you’ll have when looking for the right home. Since most schools now have their own website, be sure to check them out and get a sense of what kind of school community there may be. Many schools are even on social media now which is also a great way to learn more about each school.

4. Ask about current value of housing.

Ask your Oakville realtor about what houses in each neighbourhood your considering are currently valued at, and how that compares to the average value both five and 10 years earlier. How much has the property increased? Are there any signs of future developments that may either increase or decrease the value of the area?

Find Your Ideal Home With Oakville Realtor Sue Heddle 

For more than ten years, Sue Heddle Homes has been helping people find the perfect home for their family. With an in depth knowledge of Oakville and surrounding communities, Sue can help answer your area specific questions and assist you in narrowing down the neighbourhoods that will work best for your family’s needs. 

It’s so important to choose an Oakville realtor that has local experience as well as a commitment to providing top level customer service to clients. When you work with Sue Heddle Homes you’ll get all of that and so much more. If you have any questions or would like to talk about your real estate needs, give us a call at (416) 906-7998.


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