Winter Is Still A Good Time To Sell Your Home

Friday Oct 13th, 2017


Spring is often listed as the best time to sell your home.  And while the market does generally pick up as the warmer weather returns, there are also positive advantages to selling your home in the winter.  So, if you are thinking of selling, there is no need to hold off until Spring.  Working with the right realtor will certainly enable you to sell your Oakville, Burlington, Milton or Mississauga home in the colder months with great success.

Advantages For Selling Your Home In Winter

Many people want to move in the Spring, which means they are out shopping for a new home in the winter. When you put your house on the market in the winter months, some of the advantages you may experience are:

  • Buyers with a greater sense of urgency
  • Fewer listings for buyers to choose from
  • More motivated buyers and less lukewarm showings
  • Faster closings
  • Less lowball offers

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How To Showcase Your Home For A Winter Sale

With every season comes some tips and tricks for making sure your home shows well. Selling your home in the Fall means capitalizing on the season’s themes and colours and much can be said about choosing to sell your home in the winter months.

1. Make It Cozy.

Buyers want to image themselves being warm and comfortable in their new home.  Make sure you have your house heated to a comfortable level and have the fireplace on if you have one.   Simple things like having inviting throw blankets on the couch and winter bedding on the beds can make your home seem inviting.

2. Keep It Safe.

After each snowfall or bout of wet winter weather, ensure the driveway and all walkways are well cleared. Keep ice at bay by scraping and salting. If your home is difficult to get to because of snow and ice, buyers will be turned off and will view your home as poorly maintained. Consider hiring a snow removal service.

3. Demonstrate The Winter Benefits.

If you’ve spent money on making sure your home is energy efficient, now is the time to show it off!  Create a handout for buyers to read about how easy it is to keep your home warm in the winter and the cost savings they may expect as a result.

4. Use Photos To Create The Full Picture.

Even though they may be shopping for a home in the winter, buyers will appreciate getting an idea of what the home looks like in the warmer months.  If possible, leave out some pictures showing the back and front year spaces during the summer

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