Selling Your Oakville Home In The Summer

What You Need To Know About Listing Your Home In The Summer

Monday Jul 09th, 2018


Sue Heddle Homes helps clients in Oakville, Mississauga, Burlington and Milton sell their home, no matter what season. However, if you are planning on listing your home this summer, there are a few key things to make note of. In addition to the regular tasks required when you decide to sell your home, such as home staging, we’re letting you know about some other important summer selling tips worth considering.

As an experience Oakville real estate agent, we know that home owners want to sell their homes quickly and at a great price. Sometimes the small touches, such as making sure your home is summer ready, can make the difference between getting the sale you want or having your home sit on the market a bit longer.

5 Ways To Make Sure Your Listing Is Summer Ready

It can be easier to show your home in the warmer months since you don’t have to worry about wet and snowy boots. But that doesn’t mean you can be more relaxed about making sure your home is ready for an open house or prospective buyer showings. Keep reading to see the areas that will need extra attention for a summer listing.

1. Landscaping.

During the summer months, buyers will be looking more closely at your outdoor space. Well-kept lawns, healthy flowers, grasses and other perennials really help to make a good impression. If you have a deck or a patio, make sure there is inviting outdoor furniture so that buyers can easily picture themselves enjoying the outdoor space.

2. Your Neighbourhood.

While there isn’t much you can do to influence your neighbours, how well their yards and gardens are maintained can play a role in how buyers see your home. At this time of year, buyers tend to spend more time viewing the outside of your property and the properties surrounding your home.

This is another reason why it is so important to highlight the exterior of your home. When the exterior of the property is as eye-catching as possible, it will help mitigate other homes on the street that are in need of work or repair.

During showings, be sure that your realtor is highlighting the best outdoor areas in your neighbourhood such as parks and community gardens, as this can help buyers feel more attached to your property.

3.  Air Conditioning.

When potential buyers come in from the hot sun and humidity, most will expect to feel the instant relief of air conditioning when they step inside. Not only will this help them feel positive about your listing and improve the showing process, but it will assure them that the home comes with working air conditioning. As an added step, have the unit serviced before your home is listed, and leave that information out for potential buyers so that they know they will be getting a well maintained air conditioning system.

4. Dust.

Selling in the summer means that you can really make the most of natural light, but that also means that dirt, dust, and pet hair become much more visible. Dust floating through the air is not something you want buyers to notice as they move through the house! Remember to have the house cleaned frequently, with particular attention paid to dusting all surfaces including harder to reach areas like ceiling fans and vents.

5. Insects and Other Pests.

The sight of ants, centipedes or spiders can cause some buyers to question the cleanliness of a home. Be sure to do quick and regular inspections for insects before any showings. And, if you discover a mouse or a hidden infestation, take care of it immediately, and preferably before you list your home. Similarly, if you’ve had problems with pests in the past, consider investing in preventative measures before you list, such as new caulking around windows and windows, plugging any holes around pipes or any entry points into the garage.

List Your Home This Summer With Sue Heddle Homes

As a top Oakville real estate agent that has helped clients all over Halton sell their homes, Sue Heddle Homes will work with you to ensure that your home makes the best impression on potential buyers. When you list with us, all clients receive the benefit of free home staging. This is just one of many reasons why clients love working with our team. For a free home evaluation or to find out more about working with Sue, call (416) 906-7998.

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