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Tips From Sue Heddle Homes: Should I Hire A Family Member Or A Friend As My Real Estate Agent?

Monday Aug 19th, 2019


We’ve talked before about what to expect from an Oakville realtor and why you need an experienced realtor on your side, but we’re often asked what we think about hiring a family member or a friend to act as your real estate agent.

First of all, it’s really important that the family member or friend offering their services is an active, full time realtor with proven experience. And even if they are, it still may not be the best idea. You can have a lot of confidence in your friend’s real estate skills, but trusting someone close to you with such a huge responsibility can certainly make many people a little nervous. Having a real estate professional in your close circle of family or friends might seem like a positive situation, however, it does come with risks and you should understand that things can go off the rails quickly once you venture further into the buying or selling process together.

3 Reasons You Should Say No To Using A Real Estate Agent Who’s A Friend Or Family Member

It can feel hard to say no, we understand that. When someone you care about offers you their real estate services, feel free to discuss the three reasons below with them and let them know you’d rather keep your relationship intact. However, if you are confident in their skills, certainly reiterate that you’ll refer people their way should you know someone looking for a realtor in their area.

1. A Casual Approach Is Not An Effective One.

In many cases, a friend or family member will not have the same boundaries that would be set should you go with another agent. Additionally, they may not take your needs as seriously as their other clients or even feel the need to communicate as much with you. What’s more, you may find yourself clashing on what the defined wants and needs are, as there will be more emotions in the relationship than there otherwise would be. Unfortunately, this can result in wasted time and a lot of frustration. Choosing a realtor that you feel 100% comfortable with when it comes to having important and tough conversations, without worrying about their feelings, is critical.

2. Location matters.

Whether you’re buying or selling a home, it’s very important to work with a real estate agent who has proven experience and knowledge when it comes to your specific geographic area. Working with a local expert who knows the markets relevant to your needs can make a huge difference when it comes to properly pricing your home, or helping you make a smart bid if you’re looking to make a purchase. A great realtor from another area just won’t have the same in depth knowledge and expertise, regardless of whether they’re your favourite cousin or not!

3. Damage to your relationship.

A real estate transaction is personal, and it can also be complicated and stressful.  Combine that with financial contracts and conversations, and it can end up being the perfect storm, leaving a permanent fracture (or worse) on your relationship. And if you aren’t happy with what you’re getting from your friend or family member, could your relationship withstand you terminating them as your realtor? Certainly something to think about.

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