Downsides of selling your oakville home yourself

The Downsides of Trying To Sell Your Home Yourself

Friday Mar 01st, 2019


Selling your home can be a stressful and difficult process. Trying to sell it yourself in Oakville, Burlington or Mississauga without the help and expertise of a real estate agent is an enormous undertaking that is often vastly underestimated.

Most people try to tackle it on their own for cost savings. However, any potential savings on fees will be lost many times over due to stress, wasted time and more than likely extended mortgage payments. In addition, private real estate sales almost always attract a lower selling price.

Are You Really Able To Take On Selling Your Home?

Let’s take a closer look at the downsides of trying to sell your Oakville home yourself.

1. Home buyer concerns.

How much experience do you have addressing potential buyer’s concerns? Experienced realtors are used to this and can deal with wavering buyers in a professional and capable manner.

2. Marketing resources.

A realtor in Oakville will have far more tools available than you do when it comes to marketing your property. 3D home tours, video listings, professional photos, a database of interested buyers – these are just some of the things a realtor uses to spread the word about their listings. How many of these resources will you be able to access?

3. Your time.

Do you really have time to book showings, run viewings, answer calls and emails, and try to find potential buyers? What about your day job? Your family? Realtors have their full work week dedicated to helping clients buy and sell houses.

4. Realtors don’t take it personally.

It’s difficult to have people in your home commenting on things they don’t like or things they would change. Realtors don’t take it personally, which removes emotions for the selling process resulting in fewer missed opportunities and mistakes.

5. Real estate agent contacts.

Your Oakville realtor will have a contact list of tried and tested professionals from photographers to home stagers and cleaners. They’ll be able to deploy them quickly and efficiently in order to give your house a look that sells quickly and for the right price.

Want To Sell Your Home The Right Way? Call Sue Heddle Homes

Hiring a professional realtor is the best way to go about selling your house in Oakville. For more advice on selling your home in Oakville, Burlington, Mississauga or Milton, call Sue Heddle Homes at (905) 845-9180. Sue offers clients an award winning seller’s program and is ranked as one of the top real estate agents in Oakville.


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