how to stage your home with kids

Staging And Selling A Home With Kids

Tuesday Sep 10th, 2019


Home staging is known to be one of the most important and beneficial things you can when it comes to successfully selling your home. Sue Heddle Homes provides free home staging to all listing clients, making it an easier and less stressful process, but if you do have kids at home, there are a few extra steps you can take to help your home appeal to potential buyers. While no one expects a home occupied by children to be perfect, these extra elements of staging and cleaning can go a long way in making your home inviting and appealing.

4 Tips For Ensuring Your Family Home Is Always Ready For Potential Buyers

Whether you’re selling a house with toddler toys everywhere or trying to stage your home with teen sports equipment on every level, these tips will help you prepare your busy house for a successful sale.

1. Aim For Balance.

When your house is for sale, your kid’s rooms will need to be tidy and clean. However, banning playtime when your house is on the market is not reasonable or achievable. But you can make a plan for organizing toys and kid related items so that not everything needs to stay.

Spend some time figuring you what your children need on a daily basis and then put the rest in storage. In addition, try and remove larger toys that dominate a room and can leave it feeling crowded or cluttered.

2. Lose The Small Stuff.

Kids are notorious for having many knick knacks, collectables and tiny toys that seem to appear everywhere. Invest in stylish baskets or bins to house all those small toys, and you’ll be able to add a stylish flair to the space instead of making it look like a daycare playroom!

If your kids are old enough to help, involve them in the decluttering and organizing process so that they can help put things away before showings or open houses.

3. Be Proactive About Messes.

When you have kids at home, messes happen. However, you can take a proactive approach to keep messes at bay. When you’re house is on the market, it’s not a great time for art projects, painting or anything involving glitter.

Additionally, think about what you’re feeding your kids. Things like sticky maple syrup and spaghetti sauce will likely give you more of a cleanup job, so stick to meals that are quick to clean up, as you never know when a showing might pop up.

4. Have A Final Checklist.

Now that you’ve got the toys streamlined and organized and messes contained, you’ll likely feel a lot better about having potential buyers come through your house. The final tip includes creating that last minute checklist that you can go through just before you go out the door to leave the house for a showing.

  • Remove fingerprints and sticky handles that people may open, like closet doors, appliances, doorknobs, and mirrors.
  • Wipe down bathrooms that kids use most and pay particular attention to toothpaste gobs in the sick and messy toilet seats.
  • Stash away extra shoes, backpacks and other items that get dumped in the front hall after school.
  • Put away any bikes, scooters and toys on the front lawn.

Sell Your Home With Sue Heddle Homes

If you are thinking of selling your Oakville, Milton or Burlington home and want the benefit that home staging can bring, contact Sue Heddle Homes. When you list with us, home staging is free! To get started, ask for a free home evaluation and then let us tell you more about how we help our clients get the results they want.

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