Positive News For Glen Abbey

Friday Sep 29th, 2017


By this point, most Oakville residents are aware that ClubLink, the owners of Glen Abbey Golf Course, want to redevelop the land into a mix residential, office and retail space. Specifically, 3,222 residential units, 69,000 sq. ft of commercial/retail space and 107,000 sq. ft of office space. The planning for this redevelopment began back in November 2015 and since then, Oakville Town Council and Oakville residents have been fighting back in order to preserve the land that adds culture, history and beauty to Oakville. 

Residents main concerns are:

  • Increased traffic in and out of the Glen Abbey area
  • Lack of schools to support the residential dwellings under the proposed redevelopment
  • The high density usage proposed by the redevelopment plan
  • Insufficient transit planning 
  • Losing valuable green space
  • Population growth that does not align with the Town of Oakville's long term development plans

Read the full timeline on what's happened with Glen Abbey so far

The lastest development in the efforts to stop development just occurred earlier this week. A special meeting of the Planning and Development Council was held on September 26, 2017, to consider the Glen Abbey development applications. The meeting continued at Town Hall on September 27, 2017, where Council unanimously voted to refuse the Glen Abbey development application.

Mark Simeoni, the Town of Oakville’s director of Planning, stated “The town’s cultural heritage landscape study identified the Glen Abbey property as a significant cultural heritage landscape that should be conserved. The town-wide urban structure review identified where and how the town should grow, and Glen Abbey was not identified as a potential site for future growth. These conclusions are so significant that staff must recommend that the applications not proceed.” (source)

Photo Credit: Town Of Oakville

While the outcome of this week's meetings were positive for Oakville residents, it does not mean the end of the road for this issue between ClubLink and the Town of Oakville. ClubLink still has the option of appealing the decision to the Ontario Municipal Board and they have already filed application to demolish the Glen Abbey Golf Course site, an application which will be reviewed by Council in the next 90 days.

If you are interested in learning more or in joining the efforts to protect Glen Abbey Golf Course, you can visit the Save Glen Abbey website or the Save Glen Abbey Facebook page.

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