How To Get Your Home Ready For Spring

Tuesday Mar 20th, 2018


Regardless of whether you are thinking about selling your home or not, keep up with general maintenance will not only help to retain the value of your home, but also make it easier to sell when the time comes. As such, Sue Heddle Homes has put together a spring cleaning checklist to help you get your home ready for the new season.

Most of these tasks are the things that homeowners may not think about, or chores that get forgotten during the rest of the year.

A Spring Cleaning Checklist

Block some time off in your spring calendar to tackle these cleaning projects around your home.

1. Change your furnace filter.

2. Clean fans and light fixtures.

3. Defrost freezers.

4. Clean front porches and entranceways.

5. Wash curtains.

6. Clean inside, outside and behind all kitchen appliances.

7. Wash inside and outside of all windows and doors.

8. Vacuum mattresses, then flip or rotate.

9. Wash pillows and duvets.

10. Wash out trash cans, compost and grocery bins.

11. Clean and wash the lint trap from the dryer.

12. Clean the inside of your washer and dryer.

13. Clean or replace entry mats and welcome mats.

14. Clean all doorknobs and light switches.

15. Clean and descale kettles and coffee makers.

16. Update your First Aid kit.

Sell Your Home This Spring

If you are thinking of selling your Oakville, Milton or Burlington home this spring, completing a spring clean will help, but so will professional home staging. When you list with Sue Heddle Homes, home staging is free! To get started, contact us for a free home evaluation or find out more about how we help our clients get the results they want.

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