changing your address in Ontario

Changing Your Address In Ontario

Wednesday Apr 24th, 2019


Once the celebration of buying a new home or selling your current home wears off, next up comes the practicalities of moving. Not nearly as fun perhaps, but ultimately once you are settled to your new space, it will certainly be worth it!

Changing your address can be a cumbersome task and is often a more involved process than you might think. Use the Sue Heddle Homes checklist below to help you make sure you don’t miss anything.   

Change Of Address Checklist From Sue Heddle Homes

  • The post office—for about $80 you can have Canada Post automatically forward your mail to your new address for a year (or $55 for 4 months). This is one of the best ways to buy yourself some time so you don’t have to rush. Arrange this at least a week before moving day.
  • Home Insurance. This needs to be arranged ahead of time as you will need to have home insurance for your new home in place before possession.
  • Children’s schools/daycares and school bus.
  • Driver’s license. You only have six days after your move to do this and is best done in person at a ServiceOntario location. Don’t forget to update your car insurance too!
  • Newspaper and magazine subscriptions.
  • Oakville Hydro, Burlington Hydro or Milton Hydro - remember to take meter readings at both your old & new house on possession day.
  • Union Gas.
  • Property taxes
  • Cell Phone/Home Phone/Cable/Internet
  • Alarm Company
  • Life Insurance
  • Ontario Health Card
  • Employers
  • Banks
  • Credit Card companies
  • Car Loans/Lease
  • Student Loans
  • Online shopping companies like Amazon & Indigo —clients often contact their realtors after possession because they bought something online without checking the shipping address and their new purchase is now on its way to their old address. Don’t wait until you make a purchase to update your settings — do it now!
  • Clubs, organizations, charities
  • Doctor, dentist, veterinarian and any other health care providers your family uses.
  • Friends and family – use Vistaprint or Staples to order change of address cards. If you have time, this is a lovely custom to revive. If not, a mass email works too.

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