Virtual Home Staging- Sue Heddle Homes Now Offers FREE Virtual Home Staging

Sue Heddle Homes continues to transcend the limits for home sales and has expanded her knowledge and skill set to deliver even more options for clients by utilizing virtual staging. What is virtual staging? Virtual staging is done digitally using 3D virtual staging software. Using this technology, we’re able to create, customize, and re-size furniture to fit seamlessly into an existing room for outstanding results that captivate potential buyers.

Home staging is one of the most effective ways to present your home in the best possible light. As a top Oakville realtor, Sue Heddle Homes has been providing free home staging to all listing clients for over a decade. As the world continues to pivot to accommodate our new reality, choosing a realtor like Sue Heddle, who is well versed in digital real estate marketing, will truly give you the best opportunity to showcase your home properly and attract serious buyers.

3 Reasons Virtual Staging Puts Sue Heddle Homes Ahead Of The Rest

We’ve talked before about how important it is to make the best use of digital tools in today’s real estate market. With COVID-19 moving people to reduce their person to person contact, virtual staging done by Sue Heddle Homes is just another way we support our clients and put their needs first.

The image above demonstrates the excellent results virtual staging can deliver. Curious to know more? Here are three ways this technology can make selling your home easier.

1. Home staging absolutely makes it easier to sell your home and helps you get the price you want. However, due to COVID-19, if you want or need to limit the people coming in and out of your home, that doesn’t mean you can’t reap the benefits of a beautifully staged home. With virtual staging, Sue Heddle Homes can ensure that your listing photos maximize your home’s marketability to attract buyers right away without compromising your desire for less contact and privacy.

2. Depending on the situation, you may have moved out before your home is listed for sale. Instead of having to leave furniture behind, virtual staging can help showcase how your home can look without moving furniture back in or paying an extra costs to have furniture purchased or rented for your empty home. Virtual staging can function as an excellent way to help people visualize furniture layout without needing to have physical pieces brought in.

3. If you don’t have enough furniture to properly stage your space or you know your own furniture will not do the best job at selling your home, this is another scenario perfect for virtual staging. You can use virtual staging to help showcase your home’s spaces when you list without needing a home stager and without requiring extra people to come in and out of your home. This is also an excellent option for leasing listings as you can even remove the current tenant’s belongings from photographs.

Get The Most Out Of Your Real Estate Listing With Sue Heddle Homes

In today’s real estate market, not only do you need an Oakville realtor with proven experience and savvy negotiating skills, but you need a realtor who knows how to use technology to help their clients get the best results possible.

Sue Heddle Homes has been using digital tools like DocuSign, 3D virtual tours and now virtual staging to stay ahead of the curve. Her consistent demonstration of being able to adapt and thrive using technology means her clients have access to the best resources possible when it comes to the sale of their home. For more information on buying and selling an Oakville home with us, visit our website or call (416) 906-7998.


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