Tips From Sue Heddle Homes: Why Listing Photos Matter

While our society continues to become increasingly visual, when it comes to selling your home the images used have always been important. The pictures included as part of your Oakville real estate listing are the main element used to advertise and market your home. So, what do you want your pictures to say?

From using outdated photos, to photos that include clutter in every room, and even photos that are grainy and out of focus, it’s really quite easy to find listing photos that make you wince! There are many things that go into a professional real estate listing, and when you use poor images, the message being sent out to prospective buyers certainly isn’t the best one.

When listing your property for sale, you want all images used to speak volumes and to grab the attention of every prospective buyer who may be looking for a new home.

3 Reasons Why You Need Professional Images To Sell Your Home

When you list with Sue Heddle Homes, not only will you get free home staging, but you’ll also get listing photos taken by a professional photographer. Your listing should be the best it can be, right from the start. Sue Heddle Homes will make sure the photos of your home make each room shine.

Here's why you want to make sure you work with an experienced Oakville realtor that understands why photos are a top priority.

  1. Professional photographs show that you really care about your property. When prospective buyers see that, they will be more likely to want to see your home as they’ll have faith they’ll be buying a home in good condition.
  2. Searching online is the most popular way for buyers to find prospective homes to view. As such, you want what they see to stand out and to encourage them or their realtor to reach out and find out more. Additionally, professional online images have the potential to reach not only local buyers, but buyers from elsewhere who may be looking in your area. Your online images may be the only thing they have to help them determine if your home may be the right one for them.
  3. Pictures help people feel as though they get to be inside your home, without truly being in the home. Many people use pictures to know if it’s a good fit before wasting time by going out to the property. Poor pictures give too many people a reason to skip your listing and move on to the next. While great pictures don’t guarantee the home sale you want, they certainly are one of the best ways to get buyers in the door.

Let Sue Heddle Homes Showcase Your Oakville Home

Selling your home can feel like a lot of work! When you list with Sue Heddle Homes, not only will we stage your house for a faster sale at a higher price, but we’ll also ensure your listing is created using only high quality, professional images. With more than a decade of experience selling Oakville, Burlington, Milton and Mississauga homes, you can count on Sue Heddle to showcase your property in the best possible way. For a free home evaluation or to find out more about selling your home, please contact us!


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