Tips For Making Your Windows Shine This Spring

Cleaning the windows in your home may seem easy enough, but there are indeed a few tricks that will help you get the results you want. If you’re cleaning your windows in preparation for selling your Oakville home, your work will certainly be worth it. Clean and sparkling windows are a great task to take on in hopes of selling your home for the price you want.

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How To Clean Windows Inside And Out

With the spring sunshine brightening up our days, you want to be sure that your home gets the maximum amount of sun shining in. That just isn’t possible if your windows are covered in a film of dirt. Washing windows should be at the top of your spring cleaning list, and we’re sharing some top tips on how to make it easy and effective.

  1. Mix a simple solution comprised of one part white vinegar to two parts water. Add both ingredients to a spray bottle.
  2. Fill a large container with clean, cool water and add a few drops of liquid dish soap.
  3. Place a towel beneath the window you’re working on in case there are any spills.
  4. Use a clean cloth or sponge soaked in the water and soap solution, go over the surface of the window, starting from the top. You should also wipe down the frame as well.
  5. Next, spray the window thoroughly with the vinegar and water solution.
  6. Use a clean, lint-free towel or clean paper towel (or a squeegee if you have one!) to dry the window completely using a Z-shaped motion.
  7. Keep in mind that dirty windows may require two rounds of spraying and drying.

Get Your Home Ready To Sell With Sue Heddle Homes

As a top Oakville realtor, Sue Heddle knows how to get your home sold. While home owners should do some cleaning and organizing before they list their home, Sue Heddle Homes can offer guidance when it comes to being best prepared to get the results you want. We’ll provide a free home evaluation, help you understand the current market, as well as preparing a top quality listing using professional photos and digital technology. Our team can offer you the support you need to find success in the current market. To find out more about working with us, please contact us or give us a call at (416) 906-7998.


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