Modern Scandinavian Farmhouse

Modern Scandinavian Farmhouse

What design style catches your eye? Are you familiar with Scandinavian farmhouse style? This charming style and design trend is gaining in popularity. In fact, we’re seeing more and more homes listed for sale that have been renovated to reflect this calming type of environment.

Newly listed, this beautifully renovated home in Milton that has just hit the market is best described as a modern Scandinavian farmhouse. The attention to detail put into this cozy but spacious home makes it a perfect space to welcome friends and family. With two acres of lush property and luxurious wood finishes throughout, this home has been designed with style in mind.

View the listing for this modern Scandinavian farmhouse.

Scandinavian farmhouse style can be recognized by the inspired use of rustic and woodsy elements matched with practicality that results in a beautiful, but very livable space. Some of the most recognizable features include unfinished wood throughout the home, a white colour palette, large windows, and some simple black contrasts. Additional décor throughout the space is minimalist, but does include plants that provide pops of green as well as cozy textiles. 

How to Incorporate This Style into Your Home

Love what you see in the listing photos? If you aren’t ready to move but feel drawn to this style of décor, here are some ways to incorporate Scandinavian Farmhouse Style into different areas of your home.

  • Kitchen – wood cabinets, white shiplap, farmhouse sink, dark countertop.
  • Dining room – using a mix of light woods for your table, chairs and sideboard with a light and bright chandelier.
  • Living rooms - warm textiles added to simple furniture, with wood accents and a cozy rug. Adding books, plants and picture frames will make the space visually interesting.
  • Bedrooms - Cozy textiles and pillows in neutral tones on a simple bed frame. Rustic nightstands and warm white walls make bedrooms feel inviting.
  • Bathrooms - Rustic floors matched with large windows to deliver as much natural light as possible. Adding exposed wood to ceilings can add uniqueness as well as adding simple metal light fixtures and greenery.

When it comes to the exterior of your home, Scandinavian farmhouse style favours white washed paneling or a warm white paint with black window and door frames to provide a striking contrast. 

Finding A Home That Matches Your Style

If you’re ready to find a home that matches your style and works for your family, reach out to Sue Heddle Homes. With unparalleled industry knowledge and local Oakville and Halton area insight, Sue Heddle can work with you to find what you’re looking for. With award winning strategies and a commitment to client satisfaction, you can count on Sue Heddle Homes to make your real estate transactions a success. To learn more about how we support home buyers and home sellers, contact us today at 416-906-7998.


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