Why Fall Is the Perfect Time to List Your Home

Why Fall Is the Perfect Time to List Your Home

The warm and sunny days of summer are slowly coming to an end. The change of seasons will soon be here and perhaps that has you thinking of changes as well. If you’re at all considering selling your Oakville home this fall but aren’t sure it’s the right time, think again. 

While the spring season tends to be known as an ideal time to list, there’s no doubt that fall is also a great time to get your home on the market. There are many key advantages to selling your home during the fall season and Sue Heddle Homes is the team you need to help you navigate the current market.

5 Reasons to List Your Home This Fall

Having the right real estate agent will make a significant difference when it comes to finding success. While the fall market can be a great time to sell, you still need to work with someone that has experience in your location and knows how to attracts buyers.

If you’re still not sure that the upcoming fall season can work for you, let’s take a look at five advantages home sellers have during this time period.

1. Still an active market.

Things do tend to slow down over the summer, but the number of people looking for homes starts to increase as we head into fall. This is great news for home sellers as there are typically a lower number of homes for sale in the fall which helps to put sellers in the driver’s seat. Low inventory, which is a great thing for sellers, will help your listing get more interest.

2. Another predicted interest rate hike.

The Bank of Canada is predicted to announce another interest rate hike in early September. Buyers with pre-approval will be very motivated to act fast and make a purchase before the pre-approval period expires. Overall, fall months typically bring more serious buyers who are very interested in closing on a new home before year end. This can result in fewer, but more serious showings that lead to offers.

3. Shorter transaction times.

Since the fall season isn’t as busy as spring, you can expect a quicker turnaround time when it comes to mortgage lenders, lawyers, and home inspectors. This can result in quicker and smoother transactions as well as a quicker closing period, all of which can result in less stress for sellers. 

4. A visually appealing time to sell.

Beautiful fall foliage is hard to resist! Embracing all that the fall season has to offer can help you present your home in the best way possible. Adding seasonal décor inside and out is a great way to help a buyer enjoying family time, like Thanksgiving and Christmas, in their new home.

5. Moving can be done by the holidays.

There are many buyers who want to start the new year in their new home. Listing in the fall offers plenty of time for sales to be processed before the end of the year. It also gives sellers a chance to be settled into their new space and start their next chapter.

Sell Your Home This Fall with Sue Heddle Homes 

As you can see, fall is a great time to list your Oakville home! Now’s the time to get your home ready to sell so that you can take advantage of the opportunities the fall months can bring. With more than a decade of helping clients with their real estate needs, Sue Heddle Homes knows what it takes to help you facilitate a successful sale. Please reach out for a free home evaluation and to discuss working together. 


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