Interior Design Trends Going Away In 2021

Interior Design Trends Going Away In 2021

Many people made the decision to focus on their space in 2020 as a result of spending so much time at home. Whether you worked with a top Oakville realtor like Sue Heddle Homes to find a new home or decided to undertake renovations, home owners were focused on finding an aesthetic and a layout that was as functional and as comfortable as possible. 

There was a bit of an anything goes approach to home design in 2020 as we faced so much uncertainty and change. As such, some of the trends that made their mark over the last few years are predicted to not make the transition into 2021.  

4 Trends That Won’t Make It Through 2021 

While you should always choose design elements that speak to you and that make you love your space, if you’re looking for inspiration for 2021 design projects, keep reading to learn more about what you may want to consider.

1 - Open Floor Plans.

The pandemic certainly changed the way people used their homes. As such, open concept spaces became less desirable as it was no longer a great fit to have your living room, playroom and kitchen all openly connected. The lack of function and privacy was challenging for many, open concept just isn’t as attractive as it used to be.

In 2021, there will be a larger demand for more distinct rooms with doors, windows, and more flexibility to be able to create private and quiet spaces.

2 - Minimalism

The focus and the increased time spent at home means that spaces need to be much more layered and people want to make use of every inch they have. Leaving spaces designed with a minimalistic feel just isn’t feasible anymore. It’s pretty impossible to have everything put away and leave nothing out when everyone is home more than ever before!

In 2021, watch for spaces that expertly combine old and new, with a focus on matte finishes that support more comfortable and flexible spaces that could be used for multiple purposes.

3 - Neutrals

Since design is about reflecting personalities and the way we want to feel, 2021 will bring out more colour, more visual interest, and more playful designs. People are looking for positive spaces, and to feel joy and happiness when at home, so watch for the addition of bold décor pieces and a renewed interest in colourful art. This upcoming year will see vibrant, expressive colours be the more popular choice and past popular grey tones will take a back seat.

4 - Dark Colours

Along with the exit of too many neutrals, it’s also time to say goodbye to dark colours. Dark colours close in a space too much, especially during this time when people are looking for more of a relaxed vibe. With many people continuing to work remotely in 2021, dark colours are too limiting unless you plan on investing in expert lighting to go along with it. 

Find Your 2021 Home with Sue Heddle Homes


The year 2020 really made everyone re-evaluate what they want in a home, whether that be layout or location. If you’re ready to make a move in 2021 and find a home that works better for your needs, contact Sue Heddle Homes. Sue has been helping people find the perfect home for their family for more than a decade and has extensive knowledge when it comes to real estate in Oakville and the surrounding areas, including rural farm properties.

When you work with Sue and her team, you’ll get the expertise, knowledge and a level of customer service that will make your experience as stress free as possible. If you have any questions or would like to talk about your real estate needs, give us a call today at (416) 906-7998.


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