5 Design Trends Coming In Vintage For 2023

5 Design Trends Coming In Vintage For 2023

What is the interior design crystal ball foretelling for 2023? The following vintage home design trends of not being on trend is sure to inspire a fresh new outlook for 2023!

The saying “What is old, is new again” has never been more true in making your home as unique as you are.

1. Organic Design Chic

The previous minimalist trend of completely white walls with black trimmed window frames is losing its appeal according to recent consensus from style experts. Try keeping the focus on the design style and era of your home by using trim, moldings, or details that connect to the home's architectural character. Using a bold colour accent choice and/or using a unique wallpaper as art will separate your style from every other house on your block.

2. Resplash The Backsplash

Updating a backsplash can be both a practical and economical method of updating any kitchen. Instead of the classic subway horizontal design, consider geometric and herringbone styles. This will create an instant refresh with more artistic flair, but still versatile, impressive, and easy to maintain as a traditional staggered stacked tile.

3. Personalization vs. Minimalization

The Marie Kondo rules of minimalism and decluttering is in for a transformation. While keeping spaces clean and decluttered is sticking, the focus has changed from “removing” to  “adding'' personalized elements that give you joy. Functional and purposeful items such as decorative rugs, grammas throw pillows and a family/friend picture wall of life experiences will add personality and showcase your unique home versus minimizing it. 

4. What is Old is New Again

New does not always mean better. In the current era of supply chain lags creating low supply, the push for repurposing furniture and home items is and will continue to be popular. In addition to reducing consumption and recycling, vintage items bring character and uniqueness to your personal space. Online sites like Facebook Market Place, local neighbourhood website pages, Etsy, and the local thrift store have made finding precious vintage and preloved pieces so much easier to find.

5. Warm Colours Are The New Neutrals

Goodbye to the many layers of grey and hello to rich and warm browns, blues, and greens to the expanding neutral colour palate. There is more and more of this expanded palate being applied to kitchen cabinets and walls. The emphasis is on adding warmth and colour to your home to add dimension and the aforementioned personality to your living space. 

Of course, you are in charge of what makes your space special. There is a multitude of approaches.  Include one, a few, or even all of these design elements without a complete re-do of your living space(s). 

The key, as Marie Kondo would say, is to incorporate “what brings you joy” into your design process and you will not go wrong.

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