Tree Lighting Ceremonies In Oakville

Wednesday Nov 06th, 2019

Oakville tree lighting

Tree lighting ceremonies in Oakville are an excellent way to kick off the holiday season and spend some time as a family. It’s always heartwarming and uplifting to see our wonderful Oakville community come together and revel in holiday cheer, beautiful décor and twinkling lights. If you’ve never been to an Oakville tree lighting ceremony before, keep in mind that it is a popular event. Plan to arrive well before the ceremony starts. Thankfully, each tree lighting event... [read more]

5 Tips For Making Moving Easier On Kids

Sunday Apr 15th, 2018


Are your kids excited at the prospect of moving?  A local move within Oakville or a move to a new home further away comes with lots to think about. You’ll need to find a quality real estate agent, prepare your home to sell, find the right new home, and then pack and coordinate moving dates. It’s a lot for adults to handle and can certainly feel like a stressful time.  But what about the kids?  While they aren’t the ones to plan the move, it is important to... [read more]