How to Pick the Right Neighbourhood When Buying a Home

Monday Sep 21st, 2020

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There are so many things to consider when searching for a new home, including finding the best Oakville realtor who will listen to your needs and help you make the right purchase for you and your family. However, how do you know what type of neighbourhood you’re looking for without doing a bit of research first? When you're trying to find the best places to live, choosing a neighbourhood ranks right up there with making sure you get the number of bedrooms you need or whether or not... [read more]

Will Adding A Pool Add Value To My Oakville Home?

Tuesday Jul 7th, 2020

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Top Oakville realtor Sue Heddle has been experiencing the busiest summer market of her 12 year career! The housing market has definitively picked up speed after being slowed considerably due to the COVID-19 outbreak. While some people are actively buying and selling homes in Oakville and throughout the Halton area, others are taking this time to upgrade their space since we’ll all be spending more time at home this summer. The warm temperatures and the... [read more]

Virtual Home Staging- Sue Heddle Homes Now Offers FREE Virtual Home Staging

Wednesday Jun 17th, 2020

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Sue Heddle Homes continues to transcend the limits for home sales and has expanded her knowledge and skill set to deliver even more options for clients by utilizing virtual staging. What is virtual staging? Virtual staging is done digitally using 3D virtual staging software. Using this technology, we’re able to create, customize, and re-size furniture to fit seamlessly into an existing room for outstanding results that captivate potential buyers. Home staging is one of the most... [read more]

Why Your Real Estate Listing Needs A Real 3D Virtual Tour

Tuesday May 26th, 2020

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Oakville realtor Sue Heddle has been using high quality 3D virtual tours as part of our listings for the last six years. Not only does this increase the marketability of any listing, it also supports buying and selling properties for out of town clients, and makes it much easier for prospective buyers to really get a feel for any property they’re interested in, from the comfort of their own home. At Sue Heddle Homes, we’ve always considered 3D Virtual tours a top level service... [read more]

What To Know Before Buying A Rural Property

Friday May 22nd, 2020

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With years of experience helping people buy and sell suburban homes, Oakville realtor Sue Heddle also has knowledge and expertise when it comes to purchasing or selling a rural home or property. For many people, the thought of living away from a city with more space to enjoy can be quite appealing. However, if you’re thinking of buying a home in a rural area, there are plenty of things you need to consider first. Rural real estate transactions include many factors you may not typically... [read more]