5 Ways Your Business Can Support Hockey Cares

Thursday May 10th, 2018


Hockey Cares was the recipient of the first ever grant awarded by the Gord Downie and Chanie Wenjack Fund, in an effort to launch reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth.  In 2017, the Hockey Cares project, founded by Sue Heddle, facilitated an exchange between Oakville and Attawapiskat bantam-aged hockey players in a two-part adventure. Attawapiskat youth travelled to Oakville in July 2017, and the Oakville youth went to Attawapiskat in November 2017. The project facilitated so many opportunities for youth to learn about our Canadian history, different cultures, play hockey and make new friends.

Hockey Cares is now working hard to facilitate a 2018 exchange for both new and returning faces as well as female hockey players from both Oakville and Attawapiskat. The first part of the exchange takes place in Oakville from July 5th to 9th and Hockey Cares needs your donations in order to make the most of this incredible opportunity for Canadian kids.

What Is Hockey Cares?


Hockey Cares is a project under the umbrella of True North Aid, with the mission of connecting youth through a shared love of hockey. The goal of the project is to encourage small steps towards reconciliation. Sometimes the simplest and most obvious options are the most effective. Maybe meeting a real live person actually affected by issues on a reserve - forming friendships with them through the shared common love of hockey - can change things for the better.

Hockey Cares is working hard to create real awareness in non-Aboriginals about the day-to-day challenges Aboriginals in Canada face. With your help, this project can help win over new allies in young people, moving beyond 'awareness' and into a fight for justice for Aboriginals.

How Your Business Can Sponsor Hockey Cares


Donations for Hockey Cares go to help offset travel and hosting expenses for the exchange. For example, accommodations for the Attawapiskat team during Part 1 of the 2018 exchange is being provided by Holiday Inn Oakville and the welcome dinner is being sponsored by St.Joseph’s Ukrainian Church. In addition, there are several other local businesses, like Walmart Oakville, that have already committed to supporting the July 2018 exchange as well. View the current 2018 Sponsors List.

There is still a great need for donations to cover food during the Oakville stay, as well as transportation to and from the arenas and events. Additionally, we require funding to cover Oakville youth travel expenses to Attawapiskat in November 2018.

Here are five ways your business or organization can sponsor Hockey Cares:

  1. Sponsor a meal at your establishment or provide gift cards to enable the organizers to purchase food for meals.
  2. Transportation sponsorship.
  3. Financial donation to help cover general event costs. Cash donations over $20 are eligible for a charitable tax receipt.
  4. Gifts in kind to support the exchange (branded hockey cares gear, an experience for the youth such as laser tag, bowling, etc).
  5. Sponsor a welcome basket for youth visiting from Attawapiskat.

There are so many ways to get your company involved. Click here to see the media interest generated from the 2017 exchange and list of amazing organizations that helped make it a reality. Hockey Cares would love to work with you and find a partnership opportunity that enables your organization to get involved. Please contact info@truenorthaid.ca and someone will get in touch with you right away.

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