Sell Your Oakville Home This Fall

5 Myths About Selling Your Home This Fall

Monday Aug 12th, 2019


Summer time certainly brings more people outside and it may seem like your neighbourhood is buzzing with families, activities and new people moving in. However, before you know it you’re hearing ads for back to school shopping, registration for fall activities and browsing for some new cozy sweaters. If you’re thinking of selling your Oakville home, you may wonder if the arrival of fall changes the way you need to be prepared to sell your home. In fact, there are many myths around selling in the fall real estate market. As an experienced Oakville realtor, we’ve put together some useful tips that can help you sell your home this fall and bring you some peace of mind.

Are You Ready To Sell In The Fall Real Estate Market?

The fall is still a really great time to sell your Oakville, Burlington or Milton home. Each selling season does bring with it some nuances, but as long as you’re working with an experienced realtor, you can absolutely find the outcome you’re looking for. Keep reading as we debunk some myths relating to the fall real estate market.

Myth #1 - Don’t Worry About Curb Appeal.

Make sure your fall curb appeal is welcoming and looks as potential buyers would predict. Ensure walkways and gutters are free of leaves and debris, and your grass is always cut. Add some fall exterior décor such as a seasonal wreath or planters using fall colours. With the unexpected weather that can come with the fall months, be sure to keep your trees trimmed and pick up any fallen branches that may make your yard appear messy and neglected.

Myth #2 - Price Isn’t As Important.

Pricing your home incorrectly is one of the biggest mistake you can make when selling in the fall. It is important to work with a real estate professional who has what it takes to get your home sold and that you feel comfortable with. Sue Heddle Homes is an experienced Oakville realtor and will absolutely help ensure your home is priced correctly for the fall market.

Myth #3 - People Move Inside For Fall So Focus On The Interior.

While it’s true that the weather will be cooler, fall doesn’t have to mean the end of enjoying any outdoor space your home has to offer. Many people relish spending time outdoors in the fall to enjoy the beauty of the changing leaves and the crisp air. Attract potential buyers by showcasing how your home can make the best of the fall season by keeping outdoor spaces inviting and adding some touches that celebrate the season.

Myth #4 – Your Home Can Reflect The Cold Weather.

While a fresh coat of paint can certainly warm up a home, don’t be afraid to bring the temperature up a couple degrees on your thermostat to make potential buyers feel comfortable. If you are thinking of selling in the fall, be sure to get your furnace service at the start of the season so that you can rest easy knowing everything is in working order. It might be colder outside, but your home should be warm and inviting! In addition, a few changes like cozy pillows or throws can go a long way to show the comfort of your home during the cooler months.

Myth #5 - Once Your Home Sells, Your Work Is Done.

Congratulations on getting the deal done! Now all you have to do is pack up and move, right? Keep in mind that the months leading up to the holidays can be really busy. You may have a hard time finding time to pack, booking a moving company, or even having family and friends available to lend a helping hand. Our best advice? Plan ahead and leave extra time for last minute packing and moving related errands like changing your address.

Get The Most Out Of A Fall Sale With Sue Heddle Homes

Now that you know the common myths about the fall real estate market, you can be better prepared to list your home in the coming months. Sue Heddle Homes has been helping clients buy and sell homes across Halton for more than a decade and can help guide you through the process, whatever the season. We offer free home staging to all of our clients, and would love to help you sell your home. To get started, request a free home evaluation or give us a call at (905) 845-9180.

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